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fuzzquotesfics's Journal

A fic challenge community based on Hot Fuzz quotes
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Hello, and welcome to fuzzquotesfics, a challenge community like many others you may have come across on livejournal. What makes this community different from some of the others is that there is no limit to the number of people who can make the same claim, and you can either chose to do any number of the theme sets. All of the themes are quotes from the movie Hot Fuzz* This community is open to fics from all fandoms. Het, slash and femslash are all tolerated and appreciated.


1. All pairings and all fandoms are welcome. Posting a comment only to insult their choice of pairing or fandom is not.

2. You may claim a character, pairing, threesome, or series to work with.

3. You can have up to two claims at once. However, within those two claims you can have as many theme sets as you want.

4. Feel free to do the themes in any order you want.

5. Pick as many or as few of the theme sets you feel you can accomplish. However, you cannot switch a quote from themeset 1 into themeset 6 just because you want to do that quote from 1 and not do one from themeset 6. Once you pick a themeset you must do all five quotes within that set. Absolutely no substitutions.

6. When posting, please use this header: [Fandom][Claim][Theme: # and Quote]

7. 6. In the post itself, please provide this short info note:

Word Count:

8. Once you have posted the first time, you will be given a tag. Please use it on your future posts so people will be able to search through the community for your fics.

9. Have fun, and happy writing!

To get started, go here to make your claim.

*Hot Fuzz is the brainchild of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, and belongs to Rogue Pictures.