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I Won It For You Kurogane/Fai

Title: Of Blushing Ninja's and Stuffed Kittens
Fandom: Tsubasa
Pairing: Kurogan/Fai
Rating: PG-13
Quote: 'I won it for you.'
Notes/Warnings: Yaoi, language

It seemed that they had landed in another world that Kurogane would deem 'stupid'. The kids, manjuu, and mage immediately liked the world and had voted against him to go to a thing called a carnival.

Fighting against crowds of people, watching little kids scream in delight as they were spun around and around in their seats, was not Kurogane's cup of tea, far from it. He was especially annoyed when Fai had given the princess, kid and pork bun money and sent them on their way, so that 'mommy and daddy could spend some alone time together'.

Both pushed through the ever growing crowd, as Fai had linked their arms together, pointing at random things as they passed. Kurogane would have struggled, but he didn't want to provoke Fai into another 'crying' fit, it certainly wasn't because he liked how the arm around his felt nice, definately not that.

There was a reason Kurogane never went to any festivals back in Nihon, it was because he was too busy training and the fact he found the idea of the whole thing annoying, and with Fai dragging him around, making him buy the blonde sweets, and food every few minutes Kurogane could add another reason as to why he hated these things.

They had yet to see the rest of their group since they had seperated, and that was several hours ago, the sun had set, and Fai was beginning to slow done a little. Kurogane thought maybe they could finally sit down and rest or see if they couldn't find anykind of alcohol.

"Oh, Kuro-myu!" Fai tugged his arm harder, pointing like a small child, at a shabby ring toss booth.

"Isn't it adorable!" The blonde released his grip on the others arm and clapped his hands together in joy. The ninja rose an eyebrow as he followed the blondes gaze.

"Kuro-daddy, win it for me." Fai pointed at a small black stuffed cat, it's button eyes shining in the lights of the carnival rides.

"I'm not playing at supid game, just so you can get a fucking stuffed cat, which you probably use to torment me with in some demented way." Kurogane huffed, turning from the booth and leaving in search of the kids. He walked for awhile and when he didn't hear Fai behind him, he turned. The blonde was still by the booth, bangs shadowing his face.

"Are you coming or not?" Fai smiled brightly, with a bounce in his step as he walked beside the other.

"Of course Kuro-sama!"

"Whatever, the sooner we find the kids and manjuu, the sooner we can get the out of here."

Kurogane stomped through the festival passing booths filled with toys and food stands, people made way for the two as they made their way through the crowds in search of the rest of the group.

"Kurogane-san, Fai-san, look at what I won!" Sakura smiled as Syaoran came into veiw, his arms laddened with several stuffed animals and other prizes.

"Wow, Sakura-chan won alot didn't she Kuro-tan?"

"Whatever, we're leaving, I'm tired of this place already."

"But Mokona wanted to ride the ferris wheel and go through the haunted house, and..and"

"No pork bun, we're going."

"How about the kids and Moko-chan stay here for a little longer and we can go home and take Sakura-chan's prizes with us so Syaoran-kun won't get tired." Fai tried to compromise, seeing how much the princess enjoyed the festival.

"All of you can stay here, I'll leave." Kurogane took a few of the animals from the teen's arms, turned and left. The mage saddened as the ninja left.

"Fai-san is there something wrong with Kurogane-san?"

"He's just being a grumpy puppy, like usual." Fai smiled again, trying to reassure the others.


All of them returned back home later that night, after the festival hand died down and most people had left. Fai and Syaoran carried in even more of Sakura's winnings, the living room was made into a jungle once they had set down all the stuffed animals. They had even lost Mokona in the masses of fluff.

Fai made his way to his room, ready to sleep after such a trying day, he had wisheed it could've went a little better, he didn't even get Kurogane on a ride. He said his goodnight's to the children and stepped inside his shared room. Fai could see Kurogane's outline in the bed, he quickly changed and got into bed.

He turned trying to make himself comfortable, but felt somthing digging into his back, grumbling at the lumpy mattress, the mage tossded and turned until he eventually got up and went to turn the light on.

Making his way back to the bed he lifted the cover, he released it in shock when he saw what it was that had dug into his back. The stuffed kitten he had seen earlier that day lay on its side, a small red ribbon was tied on it's neck. He picked up the small toy, craddling it like he would a baby.

He climbed into bed, after turning the bedroom lighjt back off, holding the fuzzy animal to his chest, while his other hand clutched at the back of the other man's shirt.

Kurogane stirred in his sleep, a bleary eye opening as he looked over his shoulder at the blonde holding his shirt.

"What are you doing?" He turned completely as Fai let go of him, it took him a minute before he saw the stuffed animal in the others arms.

"I don't understand."

"I won it for you idiot, besides you said you wanted it didn't you?"

"Thank you." Both had faint blushes and both were equally happy that the darkness in the room hide them. Fai moved closer, snuggling into the others chest. Kurogane wrapped an arm around the blonde, the stuffed kitten pressed between them.

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